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 JROTC Scholarship

 JROTC 302 Provides 2 scholarships every year....

Hutto High School JROTC 


Air Force Junior JROTC is in its fourth year and we are hoping that number grows. We have performed in many community events this past year and look forward to much more during the next school year. We also take several trips throughout the year, including Fort Hood and Lackland AFB.  I would like to take this opportunity to let you know a little about the program.

Air Force JROTC is a community service program and is open to anyone enrolled at Hutto High School. Our focus is on giving back to the community through various outreach programs, color guards, and community service programs hosted by the school and community. We are a normal elective class- one period a day. Students may receive their PE credit if desired. We also offer after-school activities that are optional (including color guard and drill team). Participation in the program does not come with any service commitment – but students that participate and join the service or attend college receive increased rank when enlisting and an extra try at the college ROTC scholarship program. Our focus is providing leaders and followers with the goal of serving the community.

Please email me at if you are interested or would like additional information. If parents/guardians are interested in helping, include that information, we would appreciate any help you are able to give.

Thank you.

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American Legion Awards

The Scholastic Medal 2024 recipient was presented to Michael McCarty.

The Military Excellence 2024 recipient was presented to Khristiam Candley.


Cadet McCarty received the Scholastic Excellence Award for placing top 10% in his class for all academic subjects, and placed top 25% in his JROTC class subjects. He has demonstrated qualities of leadership throughout the year and has participated in student related activities.

MILITARY EXCELLENCE AWARD: Cadet Candley received the Military Excellence Award for achieving top 25% of his class in academic and in JROTC subjects. He has also demonstrated outstanding qualities in character, citizenship, discipline, and military leadership.

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