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Proudly Serving Our Veterans, Their Families, the Hutto Community and Our Country.

Veterans serving veterans and their families:

As a veteran, you often understand the unique challenges faced by other veterans and their families. Providing support, resources, and advocacy can make a significant difference in their lives.


Advocating for a strong national defense:

Get involved by supporting policies and programs that ensure the well-being of military personnel and their families, as well as maintaining a strong military capability.


Programs promoting patriotism and youth development:

Instilling patriotism and fostering positive values in young people is important for the future of any nation. Post 302 promotes and participates through local schools, educational programs, community service initiatives, and other activities.


Upholding American values and principles:

Get involved by promoting democracy, freedom, equality, and other core values that define the United States.


Being active in the community:

Engage with the local community, surrounding areas, and even on a national level demonstrates a commitment to making a positive impact beyond one's own organization.

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Our New Location

More news to come

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If you're looking for affordable storage space in Hutto that offers a fantastic business warehouse for small businesses seeking office space for rent, commercial property rentals, or just a man cave away from home, let them know you found out about them through our American Legion page.

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Congratulations To The Cadets of The 2024 American Legion Awards!

The Scholastic Medal 2024 recipient was presented to Michael McCarty

The Military Excellence 2024 recipient was presented to Khristiam Candley.

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Duffel Bag

Next duffel bag is until further notice with our new location

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Business Partners that Help Make this All Possible
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3333 Co Rd 119, Unit 23

Hutto, TX 78634

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