The Richard A. Oman American Legion Post 302

Proudly Serving Our Veterans, Their Families, the Hutto Community and Our Country

The American Legion Richard A. Oman Post 302 of Hutto, Texas proudly welcomes you to our new website. 

Come and join us as we build relationships within our community to assist our Veterans and those currently serving our country.

   Why should you belong to the American Legion? 

   The American Legion works every day on behalf of all U.S. servicemen and women. It is recognized as a national leader in transition assistance from military to civilian life, providing resources for careers, education opportunities, child care and more.  The Legion is active every day. 

Examples include: VA volunteers: Millions of community service hours are logged by VA-trained volunteers, and more than $1.5 million is raised annually to assist VA hospitals in local communities. American Legion Baseball: America's pastime is played out on fields each summer, providing healthy, wholesome activity for young people, some of whom go on to play Major League Baseball.

 National Emergency Fund: The Legions emergency fund provides much-needed funding for victims of disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. For those looking to make an impact in local communities, The American Legion has endless opportunities. The Legions services can be classified under the organization's four pillars: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation; National Security; Americanism; and Children & Youth.

We also try to help those in need in OUR community here in the Hutto area, please join us, and let us know how we can help.

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Who is Richard A. Oman?

Richard grew up on a farm near what is now Veterans' Hill Elementary School. He attended Hutto High School and graduated in 1961 before going on to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural education from Texas A&M University in 1965.

Oman was working as a teacher in Fayetteville when he was drafted into the U.S. Army in the fall of 1968. Barely half a year later, he was killed in action in South Vietnam in April of 1969.

A Pledge to Service